Graduate of Economics of the University of Macedonia. Certified massage therapist specializing in the pregnancy massage (prenatal massage), and holistic - therapeutic massage.  Updated and continuously monitors seminars on various types of massage such as shiatsu and more.

Ms. Christina Spano was born on April 21, 1981 in Germany and raised in Naousa. She graduated from the Department of Economics, University of Macedonia.

With motto 'for prevention against healing' began searching on the holistic treatments several years ago. Olistic Massage won from the beginning. She believes that between healer and receiver is createing a very strong bond after the positive energy, physical and mental peace exchanged between the two throughout the course of a session.

Moreover,with much love, knowledge and genuine interest deals with the pregnancy massage. Pain in the waist and back, swelling  legs, cramps, grips, nerves and even melancholy are common during pregnancy.The expertise gained in recent years and the experience promises to make you feel truly gentle, relaxed and fresh mood. But above all safe!

Massage Therapist